Welcome to Explorers South Marches

We are proud to be the fourth section of the Scout family for young people aged 14-18. South Marches currently hosts 3 weekly Units across Hereford and Leominster each of which provide life-shaping experiences. We are also proud to host an evolving Young Leader Scheme as well as an Awards Unit which supports our young people to achieve their Scouting Top Awards as well as The Duke of Edinburgh Awards. By following an inclusive and youth-led programme, Explorers are encouraged to challenge themselves, do their best and be themselves through an exciting time of their lives.

Unit meetings

Explorers are very different to Beavers, Cubs and Scouts in the way that it is run. Instead of belonging to a Group (like 1st Hereford), you will belong to South Marches Explorers, which means that you are able to attend any Explorer meeting or activity that is organised giving you the opportunity to mix and match your programme.

Explorers take the reins with support from adult leaders. You’ll have the freedom to choose what you’d like to do and the support to make it happen. There’s also wider opportunities to work with others across the District, County and further afield.

Find out more about when and where our weekly units meet.

Young Leader Scheme

Explorer Scouts in South Marches have the opportunity to take part in the Young Leader’s Scheme which is just one of the exciting programme elements and awards in the Explorer Scout section.

As a Young Leader (14-18 years old) you are able to become a leader in the Beaver, Cub and Scout sections. Young Leaders are Explorers who choose to devote a large part of their Scouting experience to other sections. They are also able to join in with the weekly Explorer Units as well as the Awards Unit.

Find out more about the Young Leaders Scheme here.


As an Explorer Scout, you are encouraged to achieve a number of awards including the Scout Top Awards as well as The Duke of Edinburgh Awards. These are designed to enhance your Scouting experience but also look great on a CV or personal statement. They are a great way to gain skills that will be useful for the rest of your adult life. Skills such as responsibility, self-confidence, teamwork and resilience are the focus of award work.

Find out more and see what the top awards can do for you